Yellow Petal

The girl was walking in silence. The night was cold and windy and she was not in the mood for talking. The boy walked on, unsure how to spark a […]

A Fisherman’s Butterfly

I will not ask the fisherman further why he thought to do what he did. He did what he did, gave a reason for what he did, and that was […]

Shoplifting Accomplice

“It just takes a bit of courage.” He winked. “And good timing.” “They will see it.” I replied. He straightened his back, looking agitated for a moment.


We are decibels. Lying in wait. Ready for the moment. The flower vase flew across the room. It collided upon a photo frame and broke into a hundred shards. Like […]

The Patron

“Not here son, not one step closer” the table hissed. Outwardly, it was ferocious. Inwardly, it was petrified.

The Smiling Man

The lights sparkled in the distance. I saw the smile on those lights. It was a smile that would seem right in any situation, a smile that would right any […]

Nocturnal Conversation

The moon shone like a single gaslight in the stygian darkness. The stars flickered in silence, strewn and scattered about like neon dust across the black canvas. Looking up, a […]

The Balloon

Amidst the powdered glitter of city lights, a plain-coloured balloon came to life.

An Incident in the Night

The night was orange. It was orange in the way it often did after a heavy rain, and one which had consumed the day. He shuffled up to me, holding […]

Johnny’s Afternoon

The crisp sunlight filtered through the curtain laces and greeted Johnny’s face. He stirred for a moment, turning over to his side in lethargy before opening his eyes and letting […]